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Slow Cacti Graph Rendering

I’ve been running Cacti at home to keep track of a number of things. It’s wonderful, and I highly recommend it if you understand the phrase “turn on SNMP”. But ever since upgrading to Solaris 11 Express, Cacti graph rendering has been extremely slow. The PHP renders fine, but the graphs would take several seconds per graph and with some pages having upwards of 20 graphs it was becoming quite aggravating to me.

Tron: Legacy

I loved it. From start to finish I loved it. The visuals were spectacular. Light cycles and other vehicles were exciting and very fun. The mythos fits nicely with the established Tron mythos. It was of course not exactly the same feel as Tron. It was different where it needed to be. Where Tron tried to give as much homage to computer vernacular of the day, Tron: Legacy does very little of that, which follows since the grid in Tron: Legacy is an entirely new computer system which has operated independantly for the past 25 years, all on its lonesome away from the rest of the world that was converging on the Internet.

Down to 12

In celebration of the remaining twelve /8’s in the IPv4 global address pool. cc-by -- No video playback capabilities detected. Why not try to download the file instead? Special thanks to A-ron.


I read an article this morning about falsehoods programmers believe about names (and probably the rest of you too). Reminds me of this: