When I was in the first grade I had a yellow binder with a smurf on the front and a caption that read "To Smurf or not to Smurf". I sat at the very back of the class near the bathrooms and other children would walk by and say "To Smurf or not to Smurf" on their way to . . . whatever it was they were doing. I always detested that. While I did watch the Smurfs, I still thought they were incredibly gay, and I had no idea what it meant "to smurf" or "not to smurf", but I was sure that I wanted not smurfing rather than smurfing, but regardless of what it meant or wether I wanted "to" or "not to" I definitely didn't want to call it "smurfing" whatever it was.

I had no idea back then, as I know now, that this gay little smurf was quoting Hamlet. And I find it immensely humorous that I had thirty children echoing a smurf contemplating suicide on my binder in the first grade.