I've had many different moods today. I was really tired today after getting home late and staying up even later. I was pissed at the RadWare (which isn't so rad), TNS practically exploded on me, I solved about 20 problems at work, had my website spammed 20 times by some castle, realized how much I appreciate PithHelmet for Safari, helped Lonny with picking a new printer and had a nice chat with Mike. I'm actually pretty relaxed right now, and I'm feeling pretty good. After all the ups and downs today, the day is finally ending on a pretty good note. Not to mention that tomorrow should be very rewarding (if not challenging) because we're getting rid of radware2 and finally putting in the Foundry ServerIrons for Anon2004 and Syrah. I can't wait to get that done, and I hope I can devote my entire day to it. Well I'm going to get to bed and do a bit of reading. I'm really enjoying my LDAP System Administration book :-).