Sean and Hannah are married. Freaky. I was sitting there in the 4th row watching it all happen. I was also keenly aware of the transition from one second to the next when Sean was a single guy, and then had a wife. It feels wierd for me because I look at him and I just can't see myself in that situation. I wonder if this trend in me will change, if one day I'll again desire to be married, if I'll be ready to go through it all. Sean and Hannah are married now, and I'll wager quite a bit more entertained at the moment. Now I'll know if the girls read my blog or not because I'll hear it from them because I made a reference to what the newlyweds are up to at this very moment. Hey, at least neither of them are Jews, where the bride and groom go off to consumate the marriage right between the ceremony and the reception. Yea, I'll hear about this if they ever read it.

I bought a digital camera today. I've been planning on getting one for a while and the wedding pushed me over the edge because I wanted to be able to take my own pictures. I got a Digital Elph S410. It's nice so far, but I'm still playing with features. Brand new it had just enough charge in it to last for the ceremony and then it cut out. I was able to charge it during dinner so I could snap a few more at the reception including the decoration of Sean's truck. The pics will be up soon, as soon as I take the NetScreen off and get a direct connection again. I've decided that I'm done with The new URI for pics will be, and I'll be setting up a 301 redirect from the old URI so if you are using a properly compliant browser your bookmarks should fix themselves. I'll be testing out Safari and Firefox on this issue and filing appropriate bugs if it doesn't work.

I drank a RedBull on the way home from Murrietta so I'm zinging, even though it's 2:30. I really need to try to get to sleep.

Sean and Hannah are married. Mazaltoff.